OML 149 ( formally OPL 135)  is located in the northern onshore flank of the Niger-Delta. Its Adofi River structure consists of stacked sand and shale sequences separated by down to the basin growth faults. The block has been well explored and appraised with the current limits established by the Adofi River 3 well. Part of the development plan on this field aims at exploiting the E1.0, E5.0 & F1.0/F2.0 reservoirs with the Nsukwa1-ST, and the E1.0, E5.0/E6.0 reservoirs with the Adofi River 3 & Adofi River 4 wells.

The produced gas and condensate is expected to be tied back to the Kwale Okpai Gas Production Facility where it would be separated for further use. Further exploration, appraisal and development of the other prospects in OML 149 will be pursued in order to maximize the production from the entire block. In addition to the Adofi River structure, seven other prospects have been identified for exploration and appraisal. The other prospects are expected to contribute over 3TCF of gas and 120Mbbls of condensates.  These Prospective resources evaluated indicate a GPDC net resource volume of over 267MMBOE.

A Field Development Plan Study has been concluded. GPDC has recently received the approval  of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for the conversion of  Oil Production License (OPL) 135 into Oil Mining License (OML) 149. First Oil is targeted for Q4 2016.