With an aerial acreage of about 5,000 sq. km and an estimated gas reserve of some 6.4TCF and oil reserves of 1.3billion barrels, GPDC is a major and significant player in the emergent gas play in Nigeria. GPDC’s Gas and Power strategy is to establish ownership of feed stock and develop expertise and build assets along the value chain, with an ultimate aim to own power plants, supply gas to them and where possible optimize the portfolio by providing associated or specialized services to the assets.

In the medium to long term, GPDC will expand its operations into high prospectivity assets in West Africa, whilst pursuing major gas utilization projects in partnership with strategic gas technology companies focused on LNG, GTL, fertilizers, etc. We also have a strong interest in developing a major gas-fired power plant (IPP) utilizing our gas resources in the contract areas to evaluate opportunities in pipeline infrastructure, gas distribution, commodity trading & supplies.